About Us

Academ Media is a major fast-growth IT company specialised in developing and promoting:

  • Mobile applications;
  • Social services;
  • Desktop utilities.

Academ Media has its residence in Technopark Of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, the biggest IT center in the region.

We take into consideration the requests, interests and age of our users to make different categories of applications:

  • Educational applications;
  • Utilities for business, finance and lifestyle;
  • Applications for sports, fitness and hobby;
  • Music and sound applications.

We constantly improve our products expanding apps' functionality and make sure the technical performance is up-to-date with the actual market demands. Creativity is what we have made the corner-stone of the Academ Media brand. All our applications are translated in 14 languages, which makes them available for people all around the world.

Promotion of our products is realized with the help of our publishing partners and via major markets. People can find our applications in the top charts worldwide.

Academ Media is a team of result-oriented professionals. To create a marketable and useful application, one should have creative thinking and understanding of real user's needs. In our company, we built a team of professional and purposeful people that are eager to push the boundaries and use their best efforts to succeed. We value hard-working people and potential leaders. Efficient cooperation and nonstandard solutions open new opportunities of career advancement for our employees.

Millions of people around the world use the results of our everyday work.